Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Year in the Oregon Vineyard

Rare Holiday photograph proves it's true

A couple of nights ago when all was quiet on the earth, suddenly I heard this swishing roar in the sky. I wondered if it was a bird, a plane or even Superman. But then I saw a mysterious red glow coming towards me. My eyes nearly bugged out from fright. It had to be aliens coming for my body parts.
But wait, what was that? A jolly Ho Ho Ho filled the sky. Instantly I knew the mystery riders of the dark Winter sky. It had to be Santa with his reindeer delivering good cheer on earth.
No, it can't be. Did I have too much Pinot? Those are reinrhinos. Fortunately my Venus-flytrap reflexes enabled me to grab my trusty Nikon to snap this one frame. Otherwise I didn't think that you would believe me.