Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bodega Langes

Bodega Langes. It was overcast and rainy all day. Just as the sun was falling behind the mountain, the sky revealed the light. Since I took a variety of exposures, this photograph is a candidate for HDR (high dynamic range) treatment when I get back to the studio. No time now as it's time to catch my ride back to Beijing for a flight to Taiyuan.

Workers here continue their tasks until they can't see anymore. No such thing as 8 to 5 for the field workers. You ask what is that pollution-like stuff in the sky, it's diesel smoke from the tractor.

France, Hungary and America watch out, these guys are making barrels in China. In fact, all of the barrels used by Bodega Langes are made by their own factory. The oak comes from the northern part of China. Even though the owner is Austrian, he seems to subscribe to the Chinese idea that you do everything in the homeland.

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