Thursday, July 23, 2009

Why I enjoyed China

Meeting people made China a memorable trip for me. (Well that, and the fact that a winery and wine region is flying me back in September to work with them.)

For example, Edward Dong (that's his Westernized name), pictured above, is a marketing executive at Changyu, the largest winery in China. It turns out Edward also loves to click a shutter. So we decided to head out the next morning to Changyu-Castel (a China-French joint venture) vineyards and winery at sunrise. Just so that you know, sunrise was about 5:00, as in AM. During the night however, the sky overcasted and by morning it started to drizzle. We went anyway. That fact alone spoke volumes about this executive.

Edward was casual, fun and an intense photographer. You can see photographs he took of me on his blog at:

If you just happen to read Chinese, I would appreciate an exact translation of Edward's comments on his blog. He was a bit coy about exactly what he said and the on-line translators painted only a crude picture. Perhaps I should have written comments about Edward in Latvian, my native language.

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