Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Winner: Oregon's most beautiful vineyard view

At the end of June we asked viewers to vote for Oregon's Most Beautiful Vineyard View from 7 posted photographs. We were amazed at how many people voted. We were also amazed at how many people emailed their vote directly to us instead commenting on the blog (mostly because they didn't want to sign up for a gmail account which Google requires to comment).

These three views were by far the front runners, with a difference of only a few votes between them.
Number 1 vote getter. Mt. Hood with fog in the Willamette Valley seen from Elk Cove Winery's five Mountain Vineyard. Many voters said that Mt. Hood in the background made it Oregon. One of the most unusual comments declared that she loved the photo but thought that the man-made harvest crates along the left ruined the photo as a beautiful landscape.

Number 2 vote getter. Stormy morning light on Knudsen vineyard seen from Bella Vida vineyard in the Red Hills above Dundee, Willamette Valley. A number of voters remarked that this is the photo they would like to hang on their wall.

Number 3 vote getter was only three votes behind #1. Sunrise over the northern Willamette Valley seen from the David Hill Winery vineyard near Forest Grove.


Surfinclouds said...

They are all spectacularly beautiful Janis; what a wonderful job you've done capturing the essence of each vineyard and the superb lighting in all of them is enviable!

Janis said...

Thank you for your kind words.

In the next couple of days I will post why I photograph vineyards & wineries.

By the way, do you know of scenic vineyards in Washington or Central Coast California?

Spice Monkey said...

I love your photography! Beautiful. Do you have any other shots of David Hill? Do you sell them? We were married at David Hill and our wedding photographer didn't give us any usable shots. I would love to enlarge and frame one of yours of the winery.