Thursday, March 3, 2011

Need your feedback on book idea?

For almost two years I've been interviewing and gathering material for a book I call Vineyard Light. (Originally called Lessons from the Vineyard.) To this point I've asked nearly 100 winemakers, vineyard workers and winery owners around the world what lessons they have learned while working with the vineyard. It's like taking a core sample or biopsy of our human character, spirit and life on earth as seen from the vineyard.
Why vineyards? The simple answer is that Vineyards have more than a 5000 year relationship with humans. The more complex answer asks why Jesus and Muhammad both used the vineyard in their parables. And, after a cataclysmic flood, why would Noah
plant a vineyard as soon as he stepped off the boat?

My book vision is to combine quotes with photographs on the layouts. Below is one possibility:

About one-half of the world’s population lives on less than $2 per day. World Summit on Sustainable Development

"Our people are very, very poor. Not enough food; we struggle for survival. In those kind of times, you really cannot think about how to do something beautiful, you only think about how to survive. So for a long time most Chinese people struggled to survive. In 1980, I was very poor. When you are young and you are very, very poor, you are very afraid. But you have chances. And then as you get the money you feel safe. I worked very hard to make money. This is very popular here in China.

"Then when you are successful making some money, you really can consider other things. We make a lot of money here in Shanxi Province; we take a lot of profit from this place, but we left lots of pollution.

"Now, I really feel guilty. First, I am a very educated person. Second, I travel everywhere and I can compare here to other countries. I like to think that you feel guilty, if it is like this, so dirty, even if everyone makes a lot of money.

"I know that dirty pollution is not natural. Human beings create the pollution. Even if we start doing something now, we need a long time, a lot of effort and a lot of money to re-clean the environment. It is not easy to become clean. Today if I am rich, I can build a very beautiful village here, but if the window can not be opened, and we cannot be outside, we can’t enjoy it.

"Still many rich people continue to pollute. I believe most of them do not get it.
Mr. Chan Chun Keung, Industrialist, owner Grace Vineyard Winery, Shanxi Province, China

I would appreciate any feedback.


Tony Dunn said...

I think this is a wonderful idea! I can't wait to see it.

Kerry said...

Sounds wonderful and timely. I like the title Vineyard Light. Thoughtful and insightful quotes married with images capturing beautiful or ethereal light in the vineyards could be magical.