Friday, November 1, 2013

Paleolithic view from Alaska Flight 730

At 35,000 feet above the United States, I felt like a Paleolithic artist entering the dark caves of Lascaux to paint sacred scratchings on the rock walls.  But instead of a flaming torch and earthly pigments to create my images, I used modern cave painting tools: a Boeing 737-900 and a Nikon D800.
First snow just east of the Cascade Mountains, Washington.
Regardless of the tools, photographing from window seat 30A on Alaska flight 730, headed from Seattle to Houston, the view put me into a meditative perspective, like a deep dreamless Dream State.  Gliding beneath me was Mother Earth scratched and tattooed by man with temporary markings.
Crop circles just north of the mighty Columbia River, Washington.
From that window seat, I reflected on the Gospel of Thomas where Jesus responded to his disciples when they asked “When will the Kingdom come?”

“Jesus said: It will not come by expectation; they will not say: ‘See, here,’ or “See there.’ But the Kingdom of the Father is spread upon the earth and men do not see it.”

That’s what I saw from Alaska Flight 730.

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