Thursday, February 12, 2015

One of World's Most Amazing Vineyards #6 Beng Village, Yunnan Province, China

In a nearly vertical mountain landscape, Beng (sometimes called Bu) village sits on a rare small flat plateau above the torrential silt-filled Lancang River (which becomes the Mekong further south), in the Hengduan Mountain Range on the border with Tibet

Through special deals with the local government, Shangri La Winery works now with the villagers scattered throughout these steep mountains to grow wine grapes. Beng Village, Yunnan Province, China.

The winding string-like white line hugging the mountain contours is the main road.  

Like other villages scattered throughout these steep mountains, Beng villagers are growing wine grapes as a profitable cash crop replacing some of their food staples.

Villagers have replaced many of their food crops with straight marching rows of wine grape vines. Beng village, Yunnan Province, China.

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