Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Our House for Sale

Sunset on Mt. Hood during a storm seen from the Great Room.
View of the house and deck from the pond. In another month the pond will be covered with blooming water lilies.
The great room with stand alone fireplace and panoramic views through the picture windows. The space opens continuously to the kitchen and dinning room. Imagine watching storms through the picture windows with the gas fireplace crackling in the background.  For those who like to chop wood, the downstairs has a wood-burning fireplace.
Mt. Hood during a rain storm seen from the deck.
Panoramic view from our deck with Mt. Hood in the top center, the pond on the right and neighbors great rural barn on the far left. Our two llamas can be seen eating in the pasture. Their barn can barely be seen center right.
View of our house during a snow day.

Some years it does snow creating a quiet white paradise.
One of the garden paths.

Stream and waterfall pour into pond full of goldfish, salamanders and frogs. A heron regularly glides in to go fishing. What a sight to see him flap his wings and circle out of the pond area. If you are not a bird lover, you will automatically become one with the quail, eagles, hawks, owls and the dozens of smaller birds.

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