Tuesday, September 22, 2015

China's toilet revolution

China’s tourism association has started a new campaign for travelers to the country’s most scenic spots. It's called the “toilet revolution.”

This toilet at a nice Deqin, Yunnan province, restaurant is actually not too bad by current standards. No distinctions made here between the men's and women's side. I'm not sure the significance of the different colors on the baskets. If you need to ask how the baskets are used, please email me privately. Peoples Republic of China

The first goal is making sure sufficient supply to meet demand.  

If visitors have to wait in lines, claim the Chinese tourist officials, it can try their patience and detract from their travel experience. The campaign goal is to make sure waiting times at the country’s top scenic attractions do not exceed 10 minutes.

To help shorten those trying lines, China will build 33-thousand new restrooms and renovate another 24-thousand around the country by the year 2017.

The doors are wide open to a public toilet in Fukang.  Asia, China, Xinjiang Province, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture.

To ensure compliance, China’s official Xinhua News Agency reports that over the next month, groups will conduct random inspections throughout the country. No mention of job qualifications for the inspectors.
Local governments are also getting involved.  Fortunately my favorite province, Yunnan, plans to spend about 10-million dollars over the next couple of years to build or upgrade 600 restrooms to what government officials call  “three-star rated.”

Personally, I am relieved at news of China's toilet revolution.

I wonder if this is part of China's "toilet revolution"? This was a prominent feature in the men's bathroom of the nicest hotel in ShangriLa, Yunnan Province, People's Republic of China.

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