Thursday, December 4, 2008

Are They Wine Makers or Wine Growers?

“I am the wine grower rather than wine maker. I think it’s a bit arrogant to say I make the wine. It connotes a philosophy of the person who is in control of everything. My philosophy is a bit different. I certainly have ownership and accountability. But Mother Nature has a big part in this as well. It’s the vine and what takes place in the vineyard. I’m just the janitor and shepherd of the process.”
Scott Shull, owner/wine grower/general manager Raptor Ridge Winery

“Don’t trust a winemaker who doesn’t have dirty feet at harvest time.”
Bob McRitche, Ph.D., retired winemaker/professor

“Every year is a different year. That’s Oregon. It’s like photography. Ansel Adams said that the
film negative was the score to the music and the print was the performance. It’s the same thing with grapes. Every year Mother Nature gives you this negative. Okay, we’ve got these grapes; here’s what you’ve got to work with. Then you take them into the winery and create the performance.”
Dick Erath, Winegrower, founder of Erath Vineyards/
Prince Hill Vineyards

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