Sunday, September 13, 2009

The "Disneyland" of Chinese Wineries

These are a few moments at Chateau Changyu AFIP (stands for America France Italy Portugal joint venture with China's Changyu winery) which is about an hour out of Beijing.

This is the Chinese version of a French Chateau castle. Inside is a working winery.

This is the "European village" seen from a castle turret.

Disneyland or what?

Couples get married in the "Village church" then have their photographs taken at the castle.

Inside the castle.

On the weekends, hords of Chinese tourist groups photograph their way through the cool cellar. Chinese tourists are photo fanatics. I watched one family take a name plate from the wall, give it to their one child to hold for a photograph. Then the wife held it for a photo and finally, the husband wouldn't be left out. Others were pulling out the bungs (the barrel corks) and holding the sparkling wine bottles in the riddling racks all for a photo. Digit moments. For some reason, if they are not content to just stand there, they flash the V sign.

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Pierre said...

Bonjour Janis
I will remember this great BBQ on the village place and of course the few gambeis....