Monday, September 21, 2009

Vineyard Lady

This is Wang Guorong, 58 years old with 3 grown children all of which she was able to send to finish college. She farms nearly 3 mu (a Chinese measurement where 1 acre = 6.67 mu.) most of which is in vineyard wine grapes which she sells to Dynasty in Jixian. Between the rows of vines she grows peanuts for extra income. Altogether she earns about 30,000 yuan a year (about US$4,380) from the land. A farmer pays no tax. She has major medical coverage from the government which pays about 70% of her major medical bills.

Guorong's husband works in construction and is not involved in the vineyard. She found husband through the local matchmaker. She says her husband is a good man who never scolds her or beats her and he doesn't gamble but he likes to do traditional dance.

It takes two people
two days to harvest her vineyard crop so she hires another person for 40 yuan (US$5.84) a day.

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