Thursday, January 7, 2010

How Wine Spectator made a photographer feel better

Without Kitri McGuire, Marketing Communications Director at Sokol Blosser Winery, I would never have known.

Wine Spectator magazine voted my latest book "One of the Best New Reads for wine lovers". Surprise, a photography book voted as a Best Read. I guess a picture is worth eight thousand well-crafted words after all. Makes me feel better about being a lowly photographer.

This is a revised blog. Wine Spectator suggested that if I wanted to continue working with them–which I do, I take down the entire reprint I had on this blog. Here is a small clip and link to their site. You will need to be a member to read the entire article. Sorry.

Oregon: The Taste of Wine
 by Jānis Miglavs, with an introduction by Jim Bernau (Graphic Arts Books, 128 pages, $24.95)

Travel photographer J¯anis Miglavs definitely has an eye for something other than typical vineyard and winery shots. - Harvey Steiman

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