Sunday, January 31, 2010

A First for China and me: A Photo/Wine Tour

Looks like it's going to happen. And I'm getting very excited. I'll be leading a China Photo/Wine Tour September 5-16. By the way, there will be lots of selected culture sites too. First, take a look at just three of the wineries we will visit.
Are these anything like the Chinese Wineries you imagined?
Oh, you didn't know that the Chinese did wine. Yes, they do. China has more vineyard acreage than the United States and South Africa combined and produces more wine than Germany.
Let me know what you think of these wineries. And check out the winemakers.

Chateau Changyu AFIP winery in Beijing area.

Chateau Junding in Shandong Province.

Chateau Huadong-Parry in Shandong Province. That's the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao, beer capitol of China, in the background.

And check out these winemakers we will meet. Does this clash with your imagination of a Chinese winemaker?

Ruan Shilli, winemaker and vineyard manager standing on the castle wall three floors up at Changyu AFIP. (For your first Chinese lesson: the Chinese put the last name first.)

Xia Gloria, winemaker at Huadong Parry in Shandong Province.

Since harvest happens during our trip, we will opportunities to meet vineyard workers. For the dentists that join our trip, China could be a big market. Many workers I've photographed have teeth that probably have never seen a dentist's drill.

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China has a great landscapes and nice trips, no matter what weather is.

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