Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lighting with Photoshop

When I accidentally stumbled on warehouse full of guys carving wooden carousel animals (see May 18 post),
I felt completely naked with only an 80-200 lens on my Nikon D3. Here I was in the middle of a fantastic situation with only a single big non-image-stabilized lens, no strobe, no tripod. What to do?

Shoot, you dummy. Make your body a tripod and light it with Photoshop later.

I wanted atmosphere around the carver.
So in Photoshop CS3, I first dinked around with Filter>Render>Lighting Effects. But that wasn't enough.
Then with the pen tool, I made a selection to darken everything except the shaft of light.
Which do you like better?


John said...


Thanks for the PhotoShop mini tutorial. My comment would be to widen the shaft slightly.

Have you heard of Topaz. It is a image altering software. I have used it on some of my photos. Very cool.

Jeff Cameron

Janis said...

Never tried Topaz. Will check it out. Thank you.