Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dangerous Rorschach clouds over vineyard

It's not often that nature provides a psychological test for insights to wine lovers' perceptions. But on one rare Fall day in the Red Hills above Dundee, Oregon, such an opportunity momentarily displayed for all to do a Rorschach self examination. As a highly trained Rorschachian photographer, I was able to wrestle the moment onto my camera's digital sensor.

Before you read any further about the dangers of this test, What do you see in the photo? Hey, be honest.

As you know, psychologists use the non-organic ink-blot version of this test to examine a wine lovers' personality characteristics, emotional functioning and booze-absorption ability. It has been employed to detect any underlying thought or tannin-identification disorder, especially in cases where patients are reluctant to describe their thinking or drinking processes openly–as in most men.

In a national survey in the U.S., the Rorschach was ranked eighth among psychological tests used in outpatient mental health facilities but rarely used in tasting rooms. According to my dentist and Wikipedia, it is the second most widely used test by members of the Society for Personality Assessment, and it is requested by psychiatrists in 25% of forensic assessment cases. Please note this is not the same test the State Patrol gives out on the highway after they pull you over.

Please do not take this test alone or without a glass of wine or root beer nearby. Please also note that nether the photographer, wine industry or God are responsible for any damage you might suffer from viewing the image.

So what are you seeing in the photo?

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