Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thank you Jim Foliek at Santa Barbara County Wines

I want to thank Jim Foliek, executive director at the Santa Barbara County Vintners Association and fellow Latvian, for introducing me to Santa Barbara vineyards and wineries. Wow was I surprised. Check out these landscapes. No wonder Ronald Regan wanted a ranch in the area.
A mechanical pruning machine cuts the longest vines in the flatter areas of the Bien Nacido vineyards. Skilled workers will follow up hand cutting to the final two vines.

The above four photographs are Bien Nacido Vineyards near Santa Maria, California. And yes, those are goats charged with keeping the healthy weed population at bay.

The above two photographs are Dierberg Vineyards and winery. The interior photograph is nearly a 360 degree view inside the rotunda of the winery. Just too bad that the winery is not generally open to the public because of neighborhood restrictions. While Dierberg has several vineyards, these are near Santa Ynez, California.

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