Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rorschaching Vineyards into Mandalas?

It started with such a simple we-did-it-in-high-school idea, flip the image to see what you get. So the cloud over Dundee vineyards was my first effort. Pretty rorschachie, eh?
Ok, then let's fip the same image six times and crop it to get the image Fall Colors in Brandborg Winery's Ferris Wheel Vineyard below. Can you figure out where the 6 images are? (Don't bother looking for Waldo, he left.)

Back in the old college days while working on my Masters of Fine Arts degree, the instructors would chide us little students to take an idea to the next step. Well, to me the next logical step was to create a Mandala, the sacred art of Hindus and Buddhists. Wouldn't that be the next step for you?
My thought thread, I studied with a bunch of Tibetan Buddhists in Nepal and Sikkim.
(I believe Mandala is a Sanskrit word that means circle. The art form usually has a square with four gates containing the circle. Check out Wikipedia or Google Mandala for a better explanation.)
The Mandala below is based on the flipped Brandborg Vineyard image seen above.
Below is another image I call Rower above Knudsen and Bella Vida Vineyards Mandala.
The two images below are details from the above Rower Mandala. Do you see where the details fit?
Check out the texture.

My hope is that these can be viewed from a distance and close up. Wait until you see the one I'm creating right now.

So what kind of ideas or suggestions do you have?

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