Friday, August 10, 2012

Is it always necessary to take a picture?

This morning just after my first cup of decaf, I saw a Great Blue Heron sitting on our deck railing. Yes, on our very own deck, 5 meters (15 feet) from me. At first I just stared in slack jaw wonder.

Then, ding ding, I remembered: "Dummy, you're a pro photographer, you should take a picture." But no camera, not even an iPhone in sight. Would he wait for me to get my Nikon D800 from my office? 

Fortunately, the bird sensed that I was a true pro and patently stood his ground on the railing. Fortunately also, I had to photograph through our screen door to get that professional soft look with those special-effects lines. (Compliments to Nikon, I had no focus problems through the screen door filter in the foreground.)

Sometimes I wonder if it might be better just to watch and enjoy the moment instead of running to get a camera. 

What about you? Do you always take photos during those full-of-wonder moments?


Doug Mortensen said...

I only have one question: decaf????

Nina Beilby said...

Funny you mention this because at a recent Jazz concert ( my son, a trumpetor) i watched as parents scrambled for their phones and videos and thought how ridiculous they all looked. I smiled to myself, took a breath and enjoyed the music.

JayZee said...

I'm also running to get my camera to photograph ducks that use our pool. Usually in the morning having my cup of regular coffee. :)

Janis said...

Yes, only decaf for me. Since I'm a coffee lightweight, I get the shakes with the real thing.
And ducks in the pool, I just did a shoot of an apartment complex and had to clean up 5:30am for a sunrise photo after the nightly visit by the ducks. A herd of ducks can leave a serious mess.