Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Blogging our Photos into The White House

At our last Monday morning staff meeting–oh yes, my in-office staff: Digital Asset Manager, Tamarah Hietanen; Photoshop/Marketing Intern, Perrie Wickart and Marketing Intern, Whitney Signalness–we brainstormed ways to get buzz about our Fine Art Prints.

Why not get one of our Fine Art Prints into the White House collection–yes, The President's Crash Pad, I asked?

Great marketing idea. Think of the PR. Wait, how do we do that? My idea was for me to take a free White House
tour with a small framed print tucked under my long black overcoat. Then, I pull the print out near a blank wall, hold it up with one hand against the wall and photograph me and the print on the wall with my other hand. Perhaps one of the Secret Service guys could snap the shutter. No problem.

My staff did a courtesy laugh, then booooood down that idea. They came up with a much greater idea.

Stay tuned to this blog to find out what that idea is and how we will execute the plan.
(Look for "Photo into White House" category.)
Please feel free to share suggestions along the adventure.

(By the way, we already have three large prints in Oregon State Senator Mark Hass's office. From there, it's only a bit over 3000 miles to the White House.)

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