Saturday, April 17, 2010

Failure, failure, failure, success: the power of composition.

While snapping this great graphic pattern in a naked vineyard, I wished there were a worker or something human to give the scene scale.

Thank the photo spirits or some higher power or something. While hiking back to the winery here comes the man-on-a-green-John-Deere answer to my wish.

I rushed back to my graphic line photo site to snap this photo. But the foreground was too cluttered.

Less foreground clutter, but still too busy. Visual simplicity makes for poetry.

Much better, but the tractor is headed out of the frame. Photo seems compositionally too heavy on the right. It wants to fall down to the right.

Luck (or the photo spirits) were with me. The tractor worker turned around to take another pass at tilling the road. Click. I like this view the best because it's: 1) balanced like good wine, 2) the tractor is angled showing action and 3) the tractor angle opposes the diagonal lines of the rows of vine.

Where does your eye wander in this photo? What first attracts your eye? What happens when you get to the tractor? Does you eye get kicked out of the frame?

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