Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A vineyard Stills-In-Motion video; Need feedback

A Stills-In-Motion show. It's very late. The stars are out. My eyelids are closing. AT 10:30 last night the whole show crashed on me. The whole file disappeared during a save. The entire days labor disappeared as digit ether. Please note nary a cuss word leaked between my lips.

Today, redid the show between meetings. Now I need feedback. It's a Stills-In-Motion Ken-Burns style use of single photos.

The show is hosted at Vimeo:A Year in the Vineyard.

Please note that I made it for high definition 1080p. The original file size was just over a GB. You are seeing a very compressed to 320 pixel width version. I notice it runs slower in this compressed version.

What about choice of photos?
What about Length?
I know I need to spend lots more time with the audio. Suggestions?

Thank you for your help.


Chi Harris said...

I think the length of the slide show is going to depend on your audience. In my experience with making slide show's similar to this, once I get past 4-5 minutes my audience will start to lose interest no matter how good the pictures/presentation is. Possibly adding some 'voice over' input to explain to the audience what they are viewing in addition to the text over the photos. Then again, I'm not entirely sure what this slide show would be used for so I could be way off. Photo selection was great. Images seemed to move from one to the other in a way that seemed like they had a theme and weren't just put in a random order.

Janis said...


Totally agree with your time length.

What is it about Avatar that keeps us engaged for more that two hours?