Monday, April 19, 2010

Can lines & patterns survive the mid-life photo crises?

Have you ever had a mid-life photo crises?

I'm there. I want to re-examine my career, my future and what makes a strong photograph in the post-darkroom era. Can the old rules of photography still hold true in the digital age? And heck, what's the future of photography itself?

So in this agitated state, I avoid the future of photography question and get back to editing images for a print magazine. The idea of income to pay bills hasn't changed a bit. There I am staring at a couple of photos I like. So why do I like these photos?
Well, they have graphic lines and repeated patterns. I also like the human element.

What do you think? Can graphic lines and repeated patterns still make for an impactful (is that an official word) photo in the digital age? Or is that too old fashion?

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