Thursday, August 5, 2010

Find 5 differences between the two photos

As part of my day job, I'm just in the process of finishing this photo assignment for one of the largest franchises in the world. The client asked me to make 4 big changes to the photo. Then I tweeked a few other things to make it a more exciting image. OK you eagle-eyed photographers, can you spot the differences between the before and after snap.

A clue to one change: they did have a problem with swallows making nests toward the top of the building before the mitigation. The client asked me to remove the bird stopping mitigation.

This is the RAW file from Adobe Raw Converter.

Alas, the above photo is the final optimized image.

For those with short attention span because they constantly watch their in box or have carpel tunnel thumb from texting, and thus are not willing to actually look to find the differences, here's a screen shot of the adjustments to the final photo.

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