Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Which is Napa's most scenic vineyard?

Yesterday, Tamarah, my Digital Asset Manager, and I were pulling photos for an upcoming gallery show. Besides the new Mandala-like images and visual illusion composites, we wanted some straight beautiful images of Napa vineyards. As we pulled the photos, we got into a debate (again) as to which of these photos depicts Napa's most beautiful vineyard view. Please help us settle the debate by voting in the comments.

Which one of these photos is your favorite Napa vineyard view? (For you Oregon wine lovers, Napa does have some nice scenic views. I grew up there, but matured in Oregon.)

Since I'm trying to learn how people respond to my photos, please comment with a Tweet-sized note explaining your choice.

#1 Spring-time mustards grow between the rows of Screaming Eagle vineyard from Silverado Trail, valley floor looking west.

#2 Shafts of evening light, breaking through a cloud crack, hit Oakville Ranch Vineyards' Summit Vineyard looking NW up valley.

#3 View from Graeser Winery vineyard on Petrified Forest Road, near Calistoga in the Diamond Mountain District, looking across the north end of Napa Valley.

#4 Edge-of-storm scattered clouds allow spots of light to drop over view from Artesa winery of red barn-like Blue Creek Vineyard building surrounded by vineyards in the Carneros AVA.

#5 Diffracted sunrise seen from Cain winery's vineyards overlooking St. Helena at the top of the Spring Mountain District.

#6 Spring clouds hang over the valley view seen from Newton Vineyard in the Spring Mountain district.

#7 Napa Valley in the distance with Hess Collection winery and Christian Brothers buildings (on right) in the lower hills seen from Hess Collection winery's Veeder Summit vineyard on Mt. Veeder.

#8 Spring-time view of John William's white barns and water tower seen from mustard-flowering Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard next to Del Dotto Winery along Highway 29.

#9 Soft sunrise light over winter-bare Saintbury's vineyard in the Carneros AVA.


Marc said...

#6 for me. I like the depth and colors.

FritzRud said...

2, 5 are cloud-centric & dark. 1, 7, 8 & 9 feel oddly like cemeteries. 3, 4 & 6 are truly scenic. #3.

Trish said...

#8 Depth of vineyard and mustard color says NAPA