Monday, August 23, 2010

Ouch! Getting ready for China

To find out what shots I needed for China, I made a quick call to Kaiser Permanente Travel, my health care provider. After our thirty minute depressing conversation, I wasn't sure I wanted to go. Here's what they told me I could get, especially since I was headed to Yunnan province.

Dengue Fever,
a virus-based disease spread by mosquitoes (specifically the little blood sucker Aedes aegypti), begins with a sudden high fever in the 104 - 105 degrees Fahrenheit range. Then a flat, red rash appears over most of the body 2 - 5 days after the fever starts, and then a second rash, which looks like the measles, appears later. Other symptoms include: Headache (especially behind the eyes), Fatigue, Joint aches, Muscle aches, Nausea, Swollen lymph nodes and, of course, Vomiting.

Malaria. I remember guys in Africa telling me about getting the disease. Not fun and many die.
It's caused by a parasite called Plasmodium, which is transmitted via the bites of infected mosquitoes. These are different mosquitoes than the Dengue Fever carrying Aedes aegypti suckers. No offense to the species, but all mosquitoes look the same to me.

Encephalitis literally means "inflammation of the brain" resulting from a viral infection.

Avian Flu. Yes, that's bird flu. The Kaiser nurse told me not to come in contact with birds in the Yunnan province. But I eat chicken.

I've forgotten the rest, except I'm not suppose to pet or touch pigs.

I wonder if wine helps thwart these diseases?

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