Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Help. What do you see in this image?

This is my latest effort for the Africa's Undiscovered Myths portion of the Mumm Napa Gallery show. (Go figure, the gallery wanted both Myth and Vineyard images.) But I'm very nervous about how successful this one is; so I would appreciate feedback about what you see.
(It's OK, I can take harsh critics.)
Haska Galeda, the most powerful Hammar tribe shamman (more about that in the show), went to the bush near the neighboring Mursi tribe. During the night he dreamed about a line of white cattle walking towards him. Suddenly, his deceased father appeared in the dream, telling Haska it was OK to take the cattle (more about that in the show), but do not kill the man with the cattle.

When Haska awoke, he saw cattle coming towards him lead by two boys. As his father commanded in his dream, the shaman took the cattle but did not kill the boys.

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