Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Please help cure my Creativity Flab (using EiTV)

I've gotten creativity lazy. My creative muscles have become flabby. To exercise those under-used muscles, I've set up a photographic challenge. Let's call it Everyday in The Vineyard or EiTV. (If you didn't know, I do lots of vineyard/winery photography–two books, many calendars and winery-related clients.)

I challenge myself to take at least one photograph everyday somehow related to wine/vineyards, even if I'm on the road or in the air.

Then I will post at least one–I'm trying to be realistic–of those photos per week to get feedback/thoughts/input from you. So when you see a Everyday in The Vineyard (EiTV) photo, I would appreciate your comments/thoughts and reminders.

Here's the first one.

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