Sunday, May 25, 2008

Name Winery, Win Wine #1

The challenge: Periodically, I will post a new photograph(s) of a winery or vineyard somewhere in Oregon or possibly, the world. After a period of as-of-yet undetermined time, a select group of highly-regarded judges will choose one person who has guessed at least some of the wineries/vineyards correctly as the winner.

The prize: a bottle of fine wine from Willamette Valley Vineyards. (Full disclosure, WVV financially supports the Oregon Wine book I’m currently doing.)

The rules are loose, but hurry before I drink the prize.

Hint: this winery is near Turner and Oregon's capitol and is mentioned in the post copy. Just guess as a comment to this post.

This is the view from the Mystery Winery's vineyard during 2007 harvest.

1 comment:

mkallio said...

Hi Janis,

That picture is from Willamette Valley Wineries. The tower is very distinctive.

I met you at the ASMP speed mentoring event. Love your work.

Matt Kallio