Friday, May 23, 2008

Unexpected inspiration while crying

Inspiration comes from unexpected places. Late last week the music leader of our church unexpectedly died. She was only 44 years old. Incredible singer and musician. During the funeral service, it seems at least half of the people were openly crying, including me. Our pastor said that sometimes there is a twinge of doubt where the person is going after they die, With Shari, there was no doubt.

During upsetting moments in my life, I try to look past the emotion or adrenalin to see what lessons I’m suppose to learn. During that funeral service I clearly saw two. First, live every second of my life so that it has a positive impact on those I come in contact with. Second, use the little basket of gifts I have for the good of those around me and the world. Even little things matter. Shari and I were going to do a music/visual show together. I got too busy and kept putting it off. I regret that.

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