Friday, May 23, 2008

Your opinion for book cover

What do you think about one of these possibilities for the cover of my next book on Oregon Wineries and Vineyards? Please note that I'm a bit defensive, being a pro photographer and all, as the photos are unoptimized proofs.

The book is about people. I interviewed at least 57 Oregon winemakers, owners, vineyard managers, cellar rats and mice to get a very personal look at the state of the Oregon wine industry.

Oh yes, we're also debating on the title:
Oregon: A Taste of Wine
Oregon: A Different State of Wine

Really would appreciate your thoughts.

We go to production the last week in May. Book will be printed overseas and in book stores this October.

1 comment:

pinotsue said...

By far the best photo for the new book is the one at the top of the page...Oregon Fog....Cool Climate Varietals.
"A Different State of Wine" is my favorite title.
Can hardly wait for the new book to be published!