Thursday, March 1, 2012

Each person has a personal god

Haska Galade, the Hamar (also Hamer, Hammar) tribal shaman, seemed knowledgeable about the spiritual world.

"Each person has a personal god who watches over the person," he explained. "Say the wife has a baby. The baby's god is created inside the mother. When the baby is born, the god comes out. And the god grows up with the baby."

"The god takes care of the baby for the rest of his life."

"While the personal god looks like the person, you can't touch the god because your hand would go through god," Haska explained. 

"When someone is wounded, the god is also wounded."

From my Africa’s Undiscovered Myths Journal
Hamar tribe, Omo River Region, Ethiopia
January 19, 2001

Haska Galade, the Hamar tribal shaman.

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