Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mother's Dreams brings son to life

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Iwol Village, Bedik Tribe
Africa’s Undiscovered Myths, From a personal interview

When asked about powerful dreams, Chief Keita told about a mother’s dream. “Some of the young boys went to a certain village to work for money. After two years, one of the boys died.

“Just after the death, the rest of the group said: 'Hey, we must go back home. But, let's keep this a secret. Let's never tell people that our friend is dead. Let’s keep the secret.’ So they came back home and said nothing.

“And that night, the dead boy’s mother dreamt that her son had come back. She didn't know that her son had died because the friends had said nothing.

“The following night, the dead boy’s friends heard a noise that night, they ran into the room to find the dead boy standing there. And they said: ‘You don't need to go away. We have said nothing.’

“Then the dead son appeared exactly like other people and lived for another 40 years.
He died only last year.

“You see, the mother’s dream has become true.”

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