Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dead father tells shaman to steal cattle in dream

When Haska Galeda, the Hamar (also spelled Hammar, Hamer) shaman, started sharing his dreams, I found his White Cattle Dream most interesting. First, he dreamed in color. Second, his deceased father told Haska to steal the cattle—a common activity among the Omo tribes—but not to kill the cattle herder—a relatively uncommon thing among the regional tribes.

What stands out in the dream for you?
What kind of predictive dreams have you experienced?

Hamar tribe, Omo Region, Ethiopia
Haska Galede, the most powerful Hamar tribe shaman,

From my Africa’s Undiscovered Myths Journal
Hamar tribe, Omo River Region, Ethiopia
January 18, 2001

 When the village chief found that I was recording myths and archetypal dreams, he sent a runner several miles to get the most powerful Hamar-tribe shaman, Haska Galeda. An hour or so later, Haska came running into the village. The men always carry an ornately carved wooden chair/pillow whenever they travel. Haska uses "shoes" to foretell the future. ("shoes" was the best English word my translator Lali could come up with for the insole-shaped leather pieces Haska would throw onto the ground to devine future events.) By carefully tossing his "shoes", Haska told me three things that would happen. Two predictions came true within the next couple of days. I'm still waiting for the third to happen.

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