Thursday, March 1, 2012

Warning from Water Spirit, Konso tribe

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Iwol Village, Bedik Tribe


Chief Jean Babtist Keita tells of another experience with a spirit.

“Some time ago our women went to the village spring to fetch water. But they did not take care of the place. They were spoiling the water. One day when they went there they saw in the water a face. A white face. A bearded face.

“They were afraid. They rushed back home.

“When they arrived, I asked the women: ‘what did you see?’

“’We saw a white face on the water.’

“’Are you sure it was not your own faces. Did you bend down and see your own faces.’


“And then I knew certainly it was one spirit. Maybe the spirit in charge of water, who wanted to come and tell them to take more care of the water.

“From that day, the population got up and tried to take more care of the place. Since then, no more spirits appeared in the water.”

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