Monday, February 22, 2010

Does sex or light spots rule your photo eyes?

So where do your eyes go in this photo? Be honest.
(Just in case you want to know, she is a Brazilian dancer on stage at Changyu-Castel Winery during the Yantai Wine Festival. Sorry, I don't have her email.)

In pure photographic theory, the viewer's eye goes to the lightest part of the photograph. Check it out. I bet after seeing the subject, your eye is pulled to the white stage in the background. There is a subject-background tension. You have to constantly pull your focus back to the foreground subject. Am I right?

If the stage floor were dark, the eye would not be forced to wander. (To the cover myself of never saying always, there might be some gentlemen with great visual discipline who can really nail down their focus.)

Anyway, in photography, check your viewfinder or screen for white or bright areas before you click the shutter. Either move the subject from the bright spot or make the bright area lead the eye to the subject.

The Photo rule: Beware, the eye goes to the lightest part of the photo.

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