Thursday, February 18, 2010

Finally I get the blogging picture

After a panel discussion about Wine Writing and Social Media at the Meadowood Wine Writer's Symposium in Napa Valley, I asked for blogging suggestions from one of the panelists, wine blogger Joe Roberts, 1WineDude. Barely in one breath, I listed my interests: travel, people, cultures, spirit, photography and, of course, wine.

"You might have to narrow that down," says Joe. Then like a clear-visioned sage he continues, "I would love it if you blogged photography tips so that I could take better photographs."

Silently my head screamed, "Dahhh."

You see, that's not the first time I heard that I should blog about wine photography. In fact, wineries have asked me to do photography workshops. But having a hands-gripping-the-neck stranglehold on a subconscious desire to wallow, I didn't hear the message the first dozen or two times. Joe's simple message finally turned on the light. I the picture.

Now I need your help.
1) Remind me when I don't blog two photo tips a week, one about vineyard landscapes, the other about winery interiors or people.
2) Suggest topics.
3) Suggest photo tips.


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如此的 Mr. So,
What you say makes sense, if the three programs I use translated your comment correctly.


Often I try to do too much. Do you ever have that situation?