Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Creating experiential mind visuals

Since I haven't yet posted The September China Photo/Wine Tour information on my web site, I wanted to mention some things on our tour that few, if any, foreigners ever see.

The Yellow Valley. It's something like a mini Grand Canyon, but without the tourists. Like none. The four or five times I walked there while staying at Grace Winery, nary a tourist–Chinese or foreign; only friendly farmers tending orchards and vineyards for survival. To the local farmers it's just another landscape to grow crops and tend sheep. I watched a sheppard guide his flock from the valley bottom up vertical canyon walls. The whole experience created a permanent visual for me.

What are the visuals for the sheppard? Beauty or burden?

Oh, I forgot, the tour is September 5-16, 2010. We visit 5 wineries, photograph harvest, talk with winemakers, see the Great Wall, walk a part of the 109 acres of Tienanmen Square, and experience Yellow Valley.

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